Nominating Committee:

  • Recruits and submits board member nominees annually to Board
  • Recruits and submits officer nominees annually to Board
  • Recruits and submits FMCB nominees annually to Board 

Education Committee:

  •  Plans and hosts continuing education seminars for students and professionals in ADR  and related pursuits.

Legislative and Courts Committee: 

  • Informs NHCRA, its website committee and the public of proposed and recently enacted  legislation and rules impacting ADR in NH
  • Supports legislation that promotes the goals of the NHCRA

Communications Committee:

  • Promotes expanded membership in NHCRA
  • Promotes public awareness of NHCRA
  • Plans and hosts member events, including annual ‘Meet & Greet’ 

Website Committee: 

  • Maintains calendar on the website
  • Maintains officer/director, committee, member and other person listings on website
  • Enters posts on the website requested by the Board and its committees.

Process Committee: 

  • Maintains a current list of responsibilities of officers and committees
  • Maintains a list of important timelines for officers and committees
  • Reports to Board on progress meeting listed responsibilities and timelines
  • Recommends needed changes to by-laws