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Joseph  Caulfield
Caulfield Law & Mediation
Tel: 603-654-6022
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Black Sword Estate
126 Perham Corner Rd.
Lyndeborough, NH 03082

Mediator, Arbitrator, Collaborative Practitioner

Family, Adult Family & Elder, Restorative and Criminal Justice, Commercial or Business, Civil, Consumer, Other

My approach and philosophy in mediating is heavily influenced by my aikido training. I have been practicing aikido for 39 years, and I hold a Godan, 5th Degree, black belt from Aikikai Hombu, as well as black belts and instructor ranks in other martial arts. I use aikido principles to diffuse resistance and anger, and facilitate resolution. I am an Attorney, Mediator, Guardian ad Litem, and Collaborative Law Practitioner, with 40 years of experience in trying cases. Therefore, I can share my experience of what a Court is likely to do and what it would cost a party in attorney fees and other costs to litigate, rather than mediate a case.