Edit Profile

Most of the fields below are self explanatory, but please note:

Leave fields empty if they do not apply (i.e. 2nd address line, 2nd telephone, Twitter).

In the Name section, please choose the combination of your first and last names for First + Last if you are given a choice. Otherwise your listing may display incorrectly.

In the Contact Info section, provide just the suffix for your Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter accounts. The system provides e.g. http://facebook.com/ automatically, so you only have to provide the part of the address that is unique to you.

Important: When you get to the Picture section, click Update Profile BEFORE you load a photo. (Otherwise you may lose everything you have just entered.) Wait for the message that says your profile has been updated. THEN proceed with uploading your photo. You will have the opportunity to crop and size your photo after it uploads. Depending on the browser you use, you may need to close the browser window and reload the NHCRA website to continue.

For complete instructions, click here.

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