‘Pending Legislation’

2016 Committee to study RSA 461-A Relative to Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Legislative update Chapter 281(HB378) Effective 06/16/16 was established to review implementation of RSA 461-A.

The committee is comprised of four (4) members one of which is the Chair and Ranking Democrat for the Child and Family Committee, Chair of Committee is Rep Stephen Schmidt.

Committee is charged with addressing the following questions:

 A.        Did adoption of RSA 461-A meet the legislature’s goal of minimizing the adversarial nature of divorce and parenting cases?

B.        Could RSA 461-A and RSA 458-C be amended to further reduce the adversarial nature of such proceedings?

C.        Would specific guidelines for shared and split parenting cases improve outcomes and reduce conflict?

D.        What effect has the loss of state funding for guardians ad litem had on low income cases?

The committee has heard testimony from Judges Folley and Kelly. A final report from the committee is planned for April 2017.

Proposed Uniform Marital Property Act

Sunday, January 19th, 2014


0176 Pending Legislation

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

0176 – A requirement that the parenting plan explicitly state the parties’ residences addresses.

Although the court will change the form, mediators should be aware of this, as we often draft our own plans in private cases, and use older forms at court until they are used up. Not an important development, but definitely worth knowing about, especially as the masters are getting more picky about technicalities in our work product.