ACR 2013 Annual Conference October 9-11

ACR 2013 Annual Conference
Making Peace Happen: New Normals

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Dates: October 9 – 11, 2013

Peace happens when family members work out a solution to a long-standing problem, when corporations find a way to co-exist in a competitive market and when international conflicts are resolved without bloodshed. Peace happens when the news of the day highlights a non-adversarial approach taken to address a critical issue and when our leaders at all levels engage in civil discourse to arrive at just solutions. How do we, as conflict resolution practitioners, educators and researchers, support and facilitate these conversations and make peaceful conflict resolution the norm?

The conference theme – Making Peace Happen: New Normals – focuses on how we as a field provide ways, through mediation, facilitation, negotiation and other non-adversarial processes, to create new normals in which interactions between parties make peace happen. 

Keynote Speaker: Grande Lum, the new Director of the United States Department of Justice Community Relations Program.
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